What You Know Is Not All That Is!

My French teacher back in high school once told me that one of the greatest skill in learning is the skill to unlearn what we previously learned as this makes us quick learners & not stay astray for long.

This sounded so simple to me back then but over time I have come to affirm its validity in my life. I know It may seem simple to you as well but it’s not, a few days when I had a designing challenge for the user interfaces for my Andela boot-camp project that I came to affirm it some more. At this point, I guess some of you might be wondering what the hell is this dude really talking about!.

Let me paint the picture for you now. I believe most of us have done drawings during our early days in school, so now imagine taking 5 hours trying to draw that beautiful house you have ever imagined, you pick up that black color pencil to shade the wall, the orange for the doors and the windows and then finally the green to have that unique roofing of your house. Now when you are all feeling like yes!!!, I have done it and you are so excited to show it to everyone who passes by you but then you get slammed by a question of disapproval by the very person you least expected & him/her being your best friend.

It hurts!!, right ?!!!. Yes, I know. Now I believe after this you can try to understand me. Right after crafting my user interface all feeling like I have nailed my design; this was the feedback I got “You can do better than this” & “I don’t understand this background you have used”. I believe you now are feeling me with all my ego smashed to the ground, right?!.

I now guess you are all feeling pity for me but you shouldn’t because these statements from LFA(Learning Facilitator Assistants), introduced me to a concept of color palettes I had not known during these few years, I have decided to venture as a developer and the style of always putting users of the system before myself.

So I want to say thank you monsieur for the philosophy of life which enable me to get up quick & unlearn what I thought was good enough and many thanks to my LFA who couldn’t shy to bluntly tell the truth so that I can better up. Thanks, Prossy Nakimera

Software Engineer, Excellent reader, Novice writer. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexssanya

Software Engineer, Excellent reader, Novice writer. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexssanya